Issuance of a real estate office registration certificate

A certificate to be issued from the Department under the Royal Decree no.: 12 of 2012 regarding the re-regulation of the real estate offices on the Emirate of Ajman, and the office is considered a member in the Department after the issuance of the certificate and is among the approved real estate offices in the emirate and has the right to practice real estate related activities.

Required Documents

  • Valid Trade License issued from the Department of Economic Development
  • Proof of identity of the manager in the Trade License (ID / Passport / Residence Permit)
  • Makani number
  • Lease Contract
  • Personal photo of the owner of the real estate office


  • creation of the account
  • submissions of the application on the website of the real estate offices gate
  • obtain the tentative approval to issue the trade license
  • receiving of transaction from the website
  • ensure fulfilment of service requirements on the website
  • payment of fees
  • receiving of registration certificate of a real estate developer / a real estate activity practicing card manager

Service Fees

  • Fees for real estate activities; Found in the Amiri Decree no.: 17 of 2017 regarding the services fees and the fines applicable at the Lands Department and Real Estate Regulation in Ajman
  • AED2,650.00 fees for specialized training course
  • AED2,100.00 fees for training course inclusive of taxes
  • AED100.00 real estate activity practice card
  • AED500.00 issuance of office registration certificate

Service Duration

  • 5 Minutes

Service Channels

  • Ajman Real Estate Offices Portal

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