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Most Used Services

Real Estate Project Registration

Recording of a main real estate project: It is a service allowing the real estate developer to record a main real estate project in the register of the real estate projects at the Department, for a period of 5 years. Recording of a branch real estate project: It is a service allowing the real estate […]

Real Estate Valuation

This service enables transactors to apply for evaluation of the real estate to determine the current value of the real estate for a personal purpose or to submit to official bodies …etc

Issuance of a real estate office registration certificate

A certificate to be issued from the Department under the Royal Decree no.: 12 of 2012 regarding the re-regulation of the real estate offices on the Emirate of Ajman, and the office is considered a member in the Department after the issuance of the certificate and is among the approved real estate offices in the […]

Sale Registration of a Real Estate/ Real Estate unit

It is the process of documenting the sale transaction between the parties of the contract (the seller and the buyer) or their legal representative(s). In this documentation, the ownership of the real estate or the title deed of the sold real estate unit is evidenced as being transferred from the Seller to the Buyer.

Real Estate Transactions

Total Sales

Total Mortgaged

The Number of Mortgages 92
The Highest Mortgage 86,293,000
Top Traded Sectors The eastern sector
Most Popular Neighbourhoods Al Yasmeen
Number of Sales 435
The highest Selling Value 27,010,000
The Value of Real Estate Transactions 584