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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to purchase a land plot or a property in the name of a company provided that the company is licensed to operate in the UAE.

No, the grant land plot cannot be sold unless it is already owned.

The purchase transactions done through Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, and To Whom It May Concern letters addressed to charity institutions or the social security organization are exempted from payment of fees.

Yes, the bequeathal shall be done after the heirs apply to the DLP and submit the required documents, namely:

⦿ The original title of the property and the engineering drawing
⦿ Identity Card of the applicant
⦿ Determination of heirs issued by the court.
⦿ A Clearance certificate from the Sewage Department
⦿ Payment of the prescribed fees at a sum of AED 1,150

The transaction for property registration, receiving the site plan and the provisional ownership certificate takes about 15 – 20 minutes. The title deed can be received after being signed by His Highness the ruler.

You may communicate with the Department through:

⦿ Phone number +971 6 7038888
⦿ Email
⦿ WhatsApp +971 56 6808711

Department of Lands and Properties is not concerned with this matter, as the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman is the department having jurisdiction over this issue.

The UAE and GCC citizens may own properties in the emirate of Ajman, except for the following residential areas, namely; Mushairfeh, Al – Hamedya and Al Jurf which are reserved for the UAE citizens. As for the ownership by other nationalities, this will be subject to the provisions of the Decree.

No, the mortgagor may not dispose of the mortgaged property.

The documents required for registration of a new property are as follows:

⦿ Ownership deed issued by the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman
⦿ Identity Card of the owner
⦿ Memorandum of Association and the commercial license for the establishments and companies

The documents required for property registration in case of sale are as follows:

⦿ The original title deed and site plan
⦿ Identity Cards of the seller and buyer, or the legal attorney of the seller
⦿ A clearance certificate from the Sewage Department
⦿ Memorandum of Association and the commercial license for the establishments and companies.

10 minutes to register the property for the first time, while in case of registration of a property devolved by sale, the transaction will take 20 minutes.

⦿ From Monday to Thursday From : 07:30 am to 15:30 pm

⦿ On Friday From : 07:30 am to 12:00 pm

DLP is located in Ajman emirate – Al Jurf area, behind Ajman City Centre, opposite to the Emirates Hospitality Center.

The vacancies are announced through the following means:
⦿ The DLP Website
⦿ Employment Fair
⦿ The official social media channels

The application method:
⦿ Filling in the form online

You can obtain all services through the digital services portal available on the official website of the Department


Al Imam Malik Bin Anas Street,
Al Jurf, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Customer Care

Phone: +971 6 703 8888, Fax: +971 6 703 8800

Working Hours

Mon – Thu: 7:30 am–3:30 pm
Fri: 7:30 am – 12:00 pm