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Registration Of A Financial Auditor For A Real Estate Project

It is a service that allows all financial institutions in the country that provide management services for escrow accounts for real estate development projects and maintenance accounts for main and subsidiary properties to submit a request to be approved or renew their accreditation as account custodian for freehold real estate projects registered with the department

Required Documents

Required Documents for Business

  • Tick Submit a valid commercial license licensed to audit
  • Tick Scientific and professional certificates of CPA or equivalent
  • Tick Submit a professional license to register with the UAE Accountants and Auditors Association
  • Tick Submit the signature signature approval forms.
  • Tick Company profile that explains the company structure.
  • Tick Apply for registration/renewal of an external financial auditortor
  • Tick Signing the requirements and instructions for external audit offices



Service Steps

  • Tick Submitting the application request and required documents through the E-services portal
  • Tick Reviewing and approving the application by the concerned sections in AjmanRe Department
  • Tick Payment of fees
  • Tick Final approval of the application by the concerned section in Ajman Department
  • Tick Receving the Financial Auditor Certificate



Service Fees

  • Tick AED500.00 issuance of registration and renewal of certificate of a financial auditor for a real estate project
  • Tick AED5,000.00 registration and renewal of a financial auditor for a real estate project



7 Minutes



  • Customers Happiness Center:
    • Working hours: Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm , and Friday from 7:30 am until 12:0 pm
    •  location: Ajman and Masfoot
  • E-service portal


Apply Now

Apply Now


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