67 Real Estate Services Offered by Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation


The Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation in Ajman assured that in light of the directives of the wise leadership; the new decision for the classification of the Department Services has been approved to include 67 services instead of 114 real estate services offered to its clients.

The Department seeks to enhance the efficiency and quality of the currently offered services to ensure a unique experience for its clients and to achieve leadership in easy transactions.

According to the decision, the services shall include the normal and express services, which make up for about 97% of the total Department services, and which do not take more than ten minutes. While the complex services, which only make up 3% of the total services, shall require two business days to be completed.

Through this classification, the Department has been keen to offer multiple service channels and fast processing of transactions to ensure the clients’ happiness and satisfaction.