With the guidance of rational leadership that believes that youth are the future, and based on the vision of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates in empowering Emirati youth to become a model in leading the world’s youth in all fields, a “Youth Council for the Land and Real Estate Regulatory Department” was formed in the Emirate of Ajman with the support of Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamid Al-Nuaimi – Head of the Land and Real Estate Regulatory Department, as the council is the first local council for youth in the Ajman government and the first among the government departments in the emirate, and the council was documented in the Federal Foundation for Youth of the Council of Ministers, where the council is a link between young people and Yen decision makers in the department to support their careers to build the capacity of youth and rehabilitation for the leadership of the sector concerned and meet the challenges facing young people and propose solutions and appropriate proposals and then apply them to the ground.