A successful “fire drill” process on Ajman Department of Land


The Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation succeeded in implementing the fire drill process for customers and employees in its main building in the Al Jarf area, in cooperation with the Directorate General of Fire, Protection and Safety Affairs in Ajman. The final report praised the extent of the department’s commitment to all security and safety standards and the necessary preventive requirements. The evaluation rate reached 100% that included 27 aspects the Department succeeded in adhering to it with efficiency and distinction.

His Excellency Nasser Al Marzouqi, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation praised the performance of the Department’s employees and the speed of their response during the fire drill process and their knowledge of the necessary skills to deal with any emergency according to the security, health and occupational safety regulations. Al-Marzouqi also noted the response of the customers and their good cooperation with the evacuation team, which led to the success of the process with excellence in a short time, a minute and a half was enough to control the emergency and complete the task to the fullest.

Al-Marzouqi appreciated the efforts of all those who contributed to the success of this task, especially the Directorate-General of Civil Defense in Ajman, which is always keen to prepare the employees and customers of all institutions and train them efficiently and professionally on how to deal with emergencies.