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Most Used Services

Tentative Registration of Sale of a Real Estate Unit

Authenticating the process of sale of a real estate located in the free ownership projects with incomplete payments and without engineering plans.

Registration Split/Merge for same owner of land

Authentication of the process of registration of a real estate as a result of allotment of a plot registered at the Lands Department and Real Estate Regulation to more than one plot or merging more than one plot to the same owner from the Municipal Department and Planning

Mortgage Registration

Authentication of the process of mortgaging a real estate or a real estate unit preventing the owner of the real estate or the real estate unit to dispose it of except after the approval of the mortgagor

Sale Registration of a Real Estate/ Real Estate unit

It is the process of documenting the sale transaction between the parties of the contract (the seller and the buyer) or their legal representative(s). In this documentation, the ownership of the real estate or the title deed of the sold real estate unit is evidenced as being transferred from the Seller to the Buyer.

Real Estate Transactions

Total Sales

Total Mortgaged

The Number of Mortgages 83
The Highest Mortgage 7751250
Top Traded Sectors Eastern / North / Masfoot
Most Popular Neighbourhoods ALZAHIYA / ALYASMINE / MASFOOT 3
Number of Sales 557
The highest Selling Value 90000000
The Value of Real Estate Transactions 594,964,196