Description :

Supervising the development and implementation of the department’s plans and operations
Supervising the implementation of the department’s policies, regulations and procedures
Supervising the management of the real estate projects registry system
Supervising the development and implementation of follow-up plans for the engineering achievement of real estate projects.
Supervising the performance evaluation of the certified specialized engineering companies
Supervising the implementation of the analysis of the cadastral survey reports
Supervising the engineering audit of real estate trading transactions
Supervising the updating of real estate engineering data
Drafting the department’s periodic reports and submitting them to the line official

Years Of Experiences :

MSc: 1–3
Bachelor’s degree: 4-6


Contributing to the integration with the authorities related to services.

Monitoring systems security, contribute to Managing technical projects.

Design and programming of various systems.

Examine the systems and ensure the correctness of the outputs.

Documentation of software systems.

Contribute to business requirements analysis.

Contribute to equipping servers for various systems.

Contribute to managing backups.

Knowledge of the following systems:

Php   , Mysql ,, Linux system administration,

Yii framework or any MVC framework


Bachelor Of Programming

3-5 years

  • Supervising the daily program of the general manager and updating his agenda on a weekly basis
  • Supervising the follow-up of the tasks assigned by the Director General and referring them to the concerned departments and offices to take the necessary action in their regard, follow up their implementation, and raise the rates of completion of these tasks or the final outputs of the Director General.
  • Supervising the follow-up of the general manager’s tasks with external authorities
  • Supervising the coordination of receiving VIP visitors while ensuring compliance with the procedures and protocol followed in this regard
  • Supervising the coordination of the activities of the Director General’s office with the organizational units within the department or external entities and related information, archiving them, and following up the implementation of the decisions and recommendations issued by them
  • Designing an advanced system to save and archive all activities and outputs of the General Manager’s office, such as correspondence, decisions, circulars, or meetings, which ensures easy and accurate access to them quickly and accurately.
  • Supervising the preservation and archiving of all files and records related to the work of the Director General, while ensuring compliance with procedures for the safety and confidentiality of data and files within the system approved for archiving.
  • Supervising the organization of administrative correspondence and official letters of the department, archiving them and ensuring their privacy
  • Performing any other tasks related to the job as the work need dictates
Certifications and Experience:

Bachelor of Business Administration.

5 years experience.

  • Contribute to developing and implementing the department’s plans and operations
  • Contribute to business requirements analysis
  • Contribute to the design and programming of various systems
  • Contribute to documenting software systems
  • Contribute to examining the systems and ensuring the correctness of the outputs
  • Contribute to equipping servers for various systems
  • Contribute to correcting system errors
  • Contribute to managing technical projects
  • Contribute to managing backups
  • Contribute to the electronic link with the concerned authorities
  • Any other tasks assigned by the line official within the scope of the general objective of the job.
Certifications and Experience:

Bachelor of Programming or equivalent specialized certificates.

5 years experience.