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Registration Of A Long Term Lease

It is a contract under which the lessor the owner of a real estate or a real estate unit gives ownership of a specific benefit to the lessee for a period of not less than 8 Gregorian years.

Registration Of Lease Ending With Ownership

It is the process of transferring a real estate or a completed real estate unit from the name of the owner to the name of the bank, provided that the real estate shall be transferred after the expiry of the lease period to the beneficiary.

Registration Of Amendment Of Mortgage (Complementary)

Authentication of the process of increasing the mortgage duration or increasing the amount or modifying the remarks relevant to a real estate or a real estate unit, preventing the owner of the real estate or the real estate unit to dispose it of except after the approval of the mortgagor

Registration By Way Of Exchange

عبارة عن تبادل عقار او وحدات عقارية بين مالكين أو ملاك على ان يسجل كل عقار او وحدة عقارية حسب الاتفاق المبرم بينهم