Renewal Of A Real Estate Activity Practice Card ( Complementary)

It is the process of renewing the issuance of the real estate offices activities’ card for the staffs employed in the real estate office registered in the Department based on a request by the real estate office

Required Documents

  • Submit the original real estate activity card
  • Letter from the real estate office (no objection)
  • Valid ID and residence permit
  • A copy of the commercial license of the real estate office issued from the economic development
  • Good conduct and valid behavior


  • submit the application on the electronic website
  • receive the transaction on the website
  • receive the transaction on the website and ensure fulfilment of service requirements on the website and approve it
  • payment of fees
  • receiving of a practicing card

Service Fees

  • AED100.00 fees for Issuance of a real estate activity practice card

Service Duration

  • 5 Minutes

Service Channels

  • E-services Portal
  • AjmanRe mobile application
  • Ajman One mobile app

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