Issuance Of Real Estate Developer Registration Certificate

It is the process of a first time registration of a main or a branch real estate developer in the register of the real estate developers with the Department for the practicing of the development of real estate projects in accordance to the free ownership system

Required Documents

  • A copy of the commercial license licensed from the Department of Economic Development (in force)
  • The founding contract of the company and the latest amendment annexes (if any)
  • Authorization letter from the company’s Board of Directors authorized to sign certified by the justice offices
  • Approval from the main developer
  • My place Number
  • Sign a pledge to take legal responsibility for the real estate developer’s transactions
  • Tax Number
  • Personal identification (ID / passport)


  • Submitting the application request and required documents through the E-services portal
  • Reviewing and approving the application by the concerned sections in AjmanRe Department.
  • Fees Payment
  • Receiving the title deed/certificate during the official working hours from AjmanRe Department headquarters

Service Fees

  • AED 25,000.00 registration of a real estate developer
  • AED500.00 issuance of a registration certificate of a real estate developer

Service Duration

  • 5 Minutes

Service Channels

  • Customers Happiness Center
  • E-service portal

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