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Registration Of A New Real Estate

It is the authentication and registration of a new real estate in the records of the Department after the issuance of the Ownership Memorandum from the Municipal and Planning Department. An ownership title is thereafter issued based on the Ownership Memorandum.

Registration Of Descendent Endowment

It is the process of endowal of ownership of a real estate or a real estate unit from the name of the owner to the descendants by order of a court or endowal of ownership of a real estate or a real estate unit for charity work based on the request of the owner by virtue of an order from the legal court.

Registration Of Right To Benefit / “Mosataha”

It is a contract under which a beneficiary is entitled to utilize a real estate belonging to others and benefit from it during a period of not less than 50 Gregorian years or a contract made by the owner of a vacant land with an investor thereto who shall have the right to possess the land and construct any buildings or plant it during a specific term.

Registration Of Mortgage Transfer (Complementary)

Authentication of the process of transferring a mortgage from a real estate to another real estate or from a real estate unit to another real estate unit. or transferring from the owner of the mortgage to one of its first degree relatives